Our Values

Our sense of values has not changed since our foundation in 2003. GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY stands for a high level of consulting ethics, which we will be continued in the future and which will shape our corporate culture and day-to-day operations.

That makes us unique:

  • Commitment to the highest professionalism, quality and ethical standards in everything we do
  • Ambitious result orientation and profound integration into the enterprises of our customers
  • Openness that does not gloss over anything, but puts things in a nutshell
  • Solution-oriented approaches that focus on completing the tasks and translating decisions into workable, promising and practical measures
  • Our "One Team" approach, which places trust, support and respect into the hands of all stakeholders and focuses the shared energy to win together
  • To do a great job, not focusing on ourselfs
  • Openness to the single-digit percentage possibility that our current assessment might be inaccurate

As a strategy and implementation consultancy we rely on performance-based advice. We design and accompany projects that lead to verifiable results and often we link the fee to the traceable success of our client.