Top Employer

GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY attracts and find talented and committed leaders who make the difference. We are proud to be recognized as a top employer. We rely on teamwork and deal openly and honestly with each other. Our employees and freelancers love their work. That's what makes working with them so great.

Consultant routine?
"Routine at GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY only exists so far, that you are on site at one or more customers from Monday to Thursday or Friday. And the customer or his tasks and projects change every 3 or 4 months - that's what makes my job so varied, interesting and exciting. My previous projects have had very different functional focuses." And she continues: "I like the opportunity to shape my own career professionally on my own initiative and in terms of design and also to help shape my future as well as that of GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY. In this way I have built up and deepened significantly my own professional expertise in a specific consulting field - across several industry segments".

Qualified, integrative and highly motivated colleagues
"Behind every employee stands an experienced team - and team spirit is written in capital letters. Every junior consultant has a counselor who coaches and accompanies him, selects suitable projects with him, supports him and represents his interests in regular talent discussions. Junior consultants can very quickly develop their professional and personal skills by taking on a great deal of responsibility from the outset with maximum freedom. You will help yourself and your client to get ahead".

Continuing education that takes me further and makes pleasure
"GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY offers to me the opportunity to design my personal training package, tailored to my needs. This ranges from language courses and several months management consulting seminars on Digitisation to Big Data Analytics training or a seminar on Digital Platform Strategy.

Top Employer of Germany 2015 and 2016

GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY was ranked among the Top 100 employers in the consulting category for two consecutive years in the study "Germany's Best Employers". A good result, because the results are based solely on employee ratings and recommendations.