What we do for you

We, GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY, support you in your professional development as well as on your personal journey. You can expect a lot from us as an employer. GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY is an international consulting firm with ambition and vision - our commitment helps our clients to achieve their goals. Our employees should also achieve their goals - as an employer, it is important to us that you move forward. Bring your strengths to GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY, develop your skills and shape your professional tasks actively.

At GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY, you always come first as a human. Respect for each other and accepting the other in all its facets are elementary components of our corporate culture. We do not take diversity in our company as given, but regard it as a proven strength - only in this way our staff and the employees can complement each other and realize the best ideas together.

Work-Life Balance

To give you a good balance between privacy and work, we offer flexible working hours, part-time work and home office. If possible, we help with childcare and provide you with the freedom to care for relatives.

Fitness and Health

We recognize the importance of having a positive work environment and inner balance to have a good performance on the job. Therefore, we invest in the health and well-being of our employees across all age groups. We make sure that you stay healthy and fit - through cooperation or taking over the costs for gyms or sports clubs. Let us talk about it.


At GLOBAL CONSULTING COMPANY, you take responsibility and drive us forward. That's why we support your personal and professional development. Tailor-made and individually tailored programs offer a range of seminars for further qualification and education. In regular discussions between managers and employees, we discuss opportunities for further education and development potentials, and tailor-made measures will be agreed. If necessary, specializing offers and personal development measures are supplemented by internal and external seminars.

Personal Development

We invest into the continuous development of all employees and subcontract partners as a central success factor for the further development of the company in a dynamic, competitive environment. We accompany and promote ambitious talents actively and personally. You will have the opportunity to progress in tailor-made programs step by step and across all stages of development.


Promotion of Female Employees

We actively promote the career opportunities of women with the aim of enabling fair competition for positions, thus increasing the proportion of women in the middle and upper management. In this way, we ensure that managerial potential and career ambitions of women are not only recognized early, but also sustainably supported.


Also financially worth the work with us. In addition to a performance-based payment, you can convert part of your salary into a time credit - in case you need a break from the job.

As a sustainable employer, we already think about tomorrow today. In the interest of our employees as well as our customers.